Capital Campaign Donor List

Capital Campaign Donor List

This list effective December 31, 2019

Greenville Area Community Foundation

Larry & Roberta Alman & Family

Dr Carol and Lois Andersen

Kathryn and John Autio

Alison Barberi

Robert and Martha Batt

Peg Berg and Greg King

Keane and Michelle Blaszczynski

Bonnita Braman

Bruce and Diane Brissette

Eleanor Budge

Dr.Donald and Maureen Burns

Donna Butler

Karen and Larry Carboneli

Dr. Roger and Linda Coles

Linda Collins

Byron and Dee Cook

Harriette Cook

Kevin and Holly Cook

Lynn Cooper

Alicia Dombkowski

Steve and Ann Elenbaas

Elenbaas Steel Co

Ms. Julie Ellafrits

Dick and Joan Ellafrits

Marilyn Ferguson

Robert Ferrentino

Ken and Judy Gager

Bill and Carolyn Garlick

Mr. & Mrs. Don Gibs

Eleanor Green

Greenville Family Dental

Greenville Lions Club

Pamela and Cliff Gress

Caryl A Hackett

William and Peggy Ham

Dr.Gary and Lois Hauck

Tom and Diane Hazlewood

Keith & Jean Hudson

Mr and Mrs. Michael C. Hudson

Isabella Bank

Mr. Walter B. Jaehnig

Blaine Kading Family

Mike and Mary Ane Krum

The Lothian Family

Martin, Lisa and Hanna Lund

Marshall Funeral Home

Martin and Katy McDonough

Meijer Foundation

David and Merry Kim Meyers

Don and Julie Momber

Les and Vesta Morford

Will and Pam Nichols

Tim and Amy O’Brien

Dr. John and Kimberlee O’Donald

Dr. B. S. Panwar

Kirk and Barb Perry

Marvin and Grace Peterson

Tom and Sharron Pridgeon

Joann Renterghem

Jan Roberts

Eugene Rydahl

Ms Wendy Sadowski

Rick and Annette Sandtveit

Neil/Judie Schmachtenberger

Dean Schrader

Kim and Judy Simmons

Terry and Carolyn Slocum

Carol Sorensen

Bob and Marilyn Sowerby

Ms Erin Sowerby

Ron and Dee Springsteen

Linda Stafford

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Stafford

Rob and Susan Stafford

Ms. Wilma Stevens

Wilma Stidham

Dr. Gerald and Mary Ellen Tovatt Philip Tower

Jim and Kathy Jo VanderLaan

Gregory and Valerie Vandermark

Joel and Linda VanHouten

Rudy Vedovell

Don and Deanna Veitengruber

Marshall and Robin Walter

Sylvia Warner

Mark and Cynthia Warnshuis

Warren and Shelly Westbrook

Dwight and Janice Wheelock

Dale and Judy White

Jeffrey Wilhelm

Theresa Williams-Ralph Leslie

Ann and John Wood


And all who bought tickets or donated in any way. We appreciate your support and look forward to celebrating our success with you soon!

Many others who bought tickets and otherwise supported our activities and events! 

            Thank you so much!