The Flat River Historical Society was organized in 1967 and acquired its museum building in 1971, resulting in an outpouring of donated artifacts and support from the community. Serving as the historical archive and local storyteller for 50 years, our mission is to excite people about the history of the Greenville area by displaying these artifacts and telling the stories that they represent. Three floors of exhibits, plus a Victorian garden with its own artifacts, make for an exciting trip through our history! Come and see for yourself!  (See links on home page for a virtual tour!)

Main Floor

Main floor: John Green
Main floor: Greenville's Danish Heritage
Main floor: Trading post
Main floor: Wigwam
Come Ride Sandy
Gibson Gliders
Ancient Seas Fossils
Main Floor: Ice Age

Wander the MAIN FLOOR exhibits from the fossil age to Native Americans and fur traders; meet the founders of the community and marvel at the lumbermen riding logs on the Flat River. Learn about our Danish heritage. Discover what the area farmers produced and how products from local manufacturers made life easier! A NEW presentation, the "Ghosts of Greenville's Past" will amaze and delight you in our Silver Theater! Are they real - or make believe?  Come and see for yourself.


Upstairs: Matie's showcase wall
Upstairs: Farm kitchen
Upstairs: Main Street
Upstairs: General Store

UPSTAIRS, you’ll step back in time as you stroll the streetscape of 1880s Main Street Greenville and peek into the windows of businesses and residences from yesteryear to picture what life was like long ago. Read the story about how the stained glass window came to be, as you marvel at its beauty.

Lower Level

Lower Level: Blacksmith shop
Lower Level: Danish Wagon
Lower Level: Harness shop
Lower Level: Ox Yokes, tools
Lower Level: Carpenter Shop
Lower Level: Wright boat motor

In the LOWER LEVEL, imagine the harness-maker, carpenter and blacksmith at work in their shops, and discover artifacts from long-ago lumbering, farming, and refrigeration companies. Leisure-time artifacts in new "Postcards from Baldwin Lake" exhibit feature an early 1900s bicycle and a rare Wright boat motor that was only built during 1914-1917.

Victorian Garden is Open even when Museum is Closed

Our Victorian Garden is available any time for strolling, sitting, taking photos or viewing and reading about the many artifacts there. Come often and see the variety of colors through the changing seasons.