We would like to thank the following sponsors

  $100 Period Room Sponsors

Jackie & Jeff Arntz 

Victorian Room

Berg/King Family                     


In Honor of Bill Brown 

Barber Shop

Brad’s Cleaners     

Harness Shop

Sue & Paul Chamberlain

John Green’s Cabin

Dicastal North America


Dicastal North America


Ken & Judy Gager 

Telegraph Room

Bill & Carolyn Garlick

Music Room

Glenkerry Golf Course                 

Blacksmith Shop

Greenville Lions Club


Charlotte Lothian                         

Silver Theater

Per Gradus Club


Marvin & Grace Peterson 

Millinery  Shop

Pine Valley Construction

Carpentry Shop

Stafford Communications 

Print Shop

Town & Country Animal Clinic 

Doctor’s Office

Dr. Peter & Karin Blinkilde                .


True Value Hardware   

General Store

Robin & Marshall Walter

Fur Trader Post

$150. Education Sponsors

Maxi Muffler

Jeff & Angela Thorland

$200. Minor Sponsors

Aggressive Tooling

Dicastal North America

Kemp Insurance Sure


O’Donald’s Dentistry & Therapy

Renew Performance

$500. Major Sponsor

None at this time

Renew Performance Machine Shop  


Silver Theater:

Charlotte Lothian


Music Room

Bill and Carolyn Garlick


Carpentry Shop Bill Garlick of Pine Valley Construction   



Schoolhouse Sponsors Peg Berg and Greg King 

O’Donald’s Dentistry and Therapy  Kim and John O’Donald

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