Carolyn Garlick, 2008
Trustee Emeritus

Carolyn graduated cum laude in 1969 from Albion College with a Teaching and Music Major and added grad courses at U of M, CMU and U of California.  She met husband, Bill Garlick, at Albion, at the quaintly named Last Chance Dance (It was the last dance before finals!)  In July of 1969, Bill proposed on the day he left for Viet Nam and upon his return, they began their 49-year (and counting) marriage. Nearing retirement after 35 years of teaching elementary music to literally three generations of Belding students, Carolyn considered helping out in the Flat River Museum garden, so told Bill that she’d like to attend a museum board meeting. So- the next Tuesday evening they went into town…BUT, Bill headed to The Fighting Falcon Museum, since a WWII friend and museum founder had invited him there.  The net result was that both of them became deeply affiliated with BOTH Greenville museums, and though Carolyn now focuses on the Flat River Society and Museum, she still participates in Fighting Falcon events.