Cory Smith, 2018

Cory joined the board in 2018 and his many talents are much appreciated. As a reporter and photographer for the Daily News he keeps the board updated on happenings and issues in the community as well as providing journalistic and photographic coverage for the museum’s special events and activities.  His contacts with local schools and city hall help information flow in both directions. Cory is a 2004 graduate of Greenville High School, having grown up just west of town in nearby Oakfield Township. His interest in history comes from a desire to learn how the hometown community he reports on came to be and how past events influenced the shape of the community as it is today. “Working for a newspaper that can trace its roots in this community all the way back to 1854, I’m proud to not only work to document modern events, but to serve on a board that dedicates itself to preserving and showcasing the long history of Greenville,” Cory said.