Mark “Bo” Stephenson, 2024

Mark ‘Bo’ Stephenson was born and raised in Hillsdale County, grew up on a family farm and graduated from Pittsford, Michigan.  He attended Western Michigan University (where the nickname Bo began), graduating with a bachelors in manufacturing and engineering technology.

Met Maris (Lothian) Brennan through WMU’s marching band trumpet section, who introduced me to my wife, Hollie (Lothian) Stephenson (GHS retiree).  We have two children, Thomas Maxwell, and Sarah Michelle, both Greenville high school graduates (attended lumberjack camp & lifelong fans of Jean/Keith Hudson).

Employment started as hired hand on a dairy farm, several jobs in manufacturing prior to and during college.  After college graduation moved on to CNC programming, worked as a die upgrader in the Detroit area and ended up in Belding at Jordan Manufacturing as a manufacturing engineer.  After about 2 1/2 years began work as a journeyman plumber for Zayler‘s Plumbing and Heating in Greenville.  In 2008 began work as Bo The Plumber, in Greenville and surrounding area.

With a lifelong interest in past history and artifacts, and having been employed by the FRHS for projects, I have certainly watched the growth of the museum through the years.  I look forward to furthering the continued evolvement of this wonderful organization in Greenville with my fellow museum members.